Erasmus+ Simlab virtuaallaborid ja simulaatorid inseneriõppes

Projekti eesmärk on pakkuda haridusasutustele avatud õpet virtuaallabori lisamisega õppekavasse. Läbi selle projekti pakutakse võimalust kasutada erinevaid haridusasutuste laboreid üle euroopa integreerides olemasolevaid kaug- ja virtuaallaboreid ühisesse jagatud funktsionaalsusega portaali. Projekti peamine eesmärk on digitaalse integratsiooni suurendamine õppeprotsessis.
Projekti partnerid: ITT Group OÜ, Royal Institute of Technology, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Viljandi Kutseõppekeskus, it:matters.


O1 Unified distance learning web interface

Unified distance learning web interface is a web based software which enables to access online labs running the Virtualized simulation models (O2). 
The unified web interface is an advancement and unification for exiting DistanceLab portal developed on the frame of previous projects like Interstudy, VapVos and NetLab. The main advancements are unified web interface, enabling to integrate new types of online labs, 
based on simulation engines, modernized user interface for simulation based labs and unified interface for both: virtual and real labs.

Direct link to O1

O2 Virtualized simulation models

Virtualized simulation models are simulated software experiments for common mechatronics situation and processes needed for ICT and mechatronic practical experimentation. 
In engineering education the basic 3D models can be converted into “intelligent” simulation models by modern simulation tools. For example PLC 
(Programmable Logic Controller) programming exercises can be carried out by using simulation models instead of real machines. 
The same idea can be applied to almost every study course. Practical learning becomes more controllable (larger groups), more effective 
(less dead time), more economic and safer. By this output we offer Siemens PLC and open software based simulation model for mechatronic experimentation.

Direct download of O2 (NB! Big file. To run simulation models special software is needed)

O3 Curriculum module

Curriculum module is a modular unit unified for general mechatronic, ICT or other engineering curricula. 
The module is developed in an open architecture that enables it easily to integrate into existing study process in different levels of education. 
Even the first target group of the module is selected as VET institutions and continuous education learners, 
the module is suitable also for universities and school education learners. 
This output provides educational frame for previous software and hardware solutions.

Download O3