Development of digital learning material for autonomous systems and self-driving vehicles

The main objective of the project is to develop new teaching material for rapidly evolving areas such as self-driving cars, UAVs and other autonomous systems by creating comprehensive project-based learning and teaching material. The material will be implemented in different types of organisations, e.g. VETs, universities and industrial partners, with a focus on work-based learning.

All outputs of the Autonomian project will be made available digitally on the project website during the lifetime of the project and within a reasonable time after the end of the project. The educational amterial will be published under a CC(Creative Commons) open licence.


01 Autonomous systems - teaching materials

Output 01 is a package of curricular modules covering the theoretical foundations of key technologies and current laws in partner countries and the EU in general.

The content of the material consists of: teaching material, visual material in the form of video lectures for the main topics and self-testing.

02 Self-propelled machinery simulation module

Output 02 is a set of virtual vehicles in logical situations with open problem solution descriptions and simulation software models.

The output also includes technical documentation and instructions on how to implement these models in an educational system.

03 electric vehicle training platform

Output 03 is a physical vehicle designed to teach electric vehicle to VET students. The material created includes drawings, a download of the necessary materials, electrical wiring diagrams and a guide for loading the platform with the ROS system.

04 drones curriculum module

Output 04 represents a specific approach to drones (Unmanned Aerial Objects/Vehicles).  It is also linked to output 01, which covers common components of all autonomous systems as well as systems that do not fit here, such as ground vehicles.

A teaching material and a curriculum module for the drone operator will be created.

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